Text summary below for your convenience if you don’t want to watch the full video!

Hello, friends!

I’m excited to give you an update about Collar Cases. This is a big one! I summarized the highlights below (with time stamps) in case you prefer to skim rather than watch the video.

  • 0:16 – Robbed Recipe is live in all formats (go here to find the retailers)
  • 0:53 – Sneak peak at May launch. Week 1 will be themed around Case of the Robbed Recipe; week 2 will focus on Case of the Missing Monet; week 3 will be all about Case of the Angry Avians; week 4 will be a wrap-up and sneak peek at the September in-person launch party. All programs for the May launch will be virtual, except for some potential library appearances.
  • 2:18 – Want to stay updated on launch events once May arrives? Join the Bowwow Barkers email club and get all the critical info. You can join here.
  • 3:36 – I’m looking for kids who want to be test readers! They see the new manuscripts BEFORE it has illustrations. They give me ideas about what Mittens & Alex should investigate next, characters we should introduce, and if I should change anything in the new book. My official age range is children ages 7-12, but anyone who is interested is welcome to try it out. Email me at amanda@jtrumpower.com to talk details.

Until next time!

I’ll let you know when there’s more news to share. Until then, if you want to get in on my LIMITED time signed copy offer, the instructions are here. Have a great week!