Collar Cases

Illustrated chapter books for readers 7-12 who love mysteries, animals, and silly hijinks.

Seeking God’s truth and great snacks!

Follow the adventures of feline and canine investigative reporters, Mittens Meow and Alex Digger, as they solve mysteries and learn lessons about character in the small town of Bowwow.

Why Choose Collar Cases?

  • Zany characters
  • Wholesome content
  • Bible principles woven into the story
  • Settings, plots, and themes tie into school subjects

Amanda, Josiah, and their twins, Jayce & Justine. As second-generation homeschool parents, they are so excited to give their kids a quality education.

Created By People Like You!

Are you a Christian homeschool family?

You’re in the right spot!

Collar Cases is written by a homeschooler… for homeschoolers!

With biblical themes for each new mystery–plus educational tie-in opportunities–we hope you’ll feel these books were written specifically for your kids!

Not a homeschool family?

You still want quality entertainment for your kids.

It doesn’t get much better than stories designed with Bible basics and family-friendly values from the ground up.

Available in print, digital, and audio.

In Progress: Online Character Glossary!

We are a developing a character glossary for the Collar Cases universe! Each entry will have an official colored headshot from the artist(s), a short blurb, and an audio greeting. It’s a work in progress . . . check to see if your favorite character has been added!

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Get a freeCollar Cases book!

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