Bowwow Barkers VIP Club

Let’s face it: Mittens and Alex are good. But they can’t solve the world’s mysteries alone. They need your help!

Begin your junior detective training today! Enroll in the Bowwow Bark league by signing up here. (You can select as many options as you like, but make sure you include “Juvenile Fiction” as one of them.)

What does a Bowwow Barker do? I’m so glad you asked!

Bowwow Barker Benefits

#1: Personalized Detective Training

Immediately after signing up, Bowwow Barkers will receive their first email from Alex and Mittens. Over the course of several weeks, trainees will complete five training exercises.

Upon successful completion of the program, trainees will be graduated to full Bowwow Barker status and receive their own official badge. (Please see note below.)

After the initial training, Barkers will occasionally receive additional email-based missions from Alex and Mittens. These activities allow Barkers to expand their critical thinking, creativity, and deductive reasoning.

You’ll even develop some hands-on science skills!

Parents: Please check your Promotions folder if you don’t see the first email immediately after signing up. For the Barker badge, a high-quality image will be sent to you via email. Instructions and advice on how to apply as badge are included in the email.

#2: Private Access to Alex and Mittens

As a Bowwow Barker, Mittens and Alex are here to support you on your quest for facts, truth, and justice.

If you need help on one of your own cases–or you just want some advice on life–Mittens and Alex would love to hear from you! With your parents’ permission, email (that’s the address for Secretary Lady) and they’ll email you back as soon as possible.

#3: Free Barker-Only Special Events

  • Interview with a real-life law enforcement agent.
  • Awesome science experiments led by the official Bowwow Barkers Mad Scientist.
  • A virtual tour of the studio our narrator uses to record the Collar Cases audiobooks.
  • Live illustration tutorials with the Collar Cases’s artist.

These are just a small portion of the many exciting events in store for Bowwow Barker members.

While there will be some extra special in-person events in Ohio and surrounding regions, don’t worry! Most events will be held virtually (many through Crowdcast). Barkers from all regions can gather to learn, explore, and have fun.

#4: Opportunities to Shape Future Books

Do you have an awesome idea for a character name? Or a great idea for the next mystery? How about mad art skills?

Mittens and Alex love nothing more than uplifting the unique talents and creativity God has given their junior detectives. As a Bowwow Barker, you’ll get an email when the Secretary Lady needs help naming or creating an element of the next story.

And the door is always open to young artists who wish to share their fan art of Mittens and Alex’s adventures. With your parents’ permission, submit pieces to We’ll display them here on the official website and our socials!

#5: First Notice on New Cases

Finally, as a Bowwow Barker, you’ll never miss announcements about the next Collar Cases book (or audiobook…or ebook!)

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