Seeking junior detectives!

Mittens and Alex can’t solve all the mysteries alone. They need your help! Enroll in the Bowwow Barkers and begin junior detective training today.

Bowwow Barker Benefits

  • Two themed learning activities per new book!
  • Designed by a real Christian science teacher
  • Incorporates Bible, science, critical thinking, creativity, and more
  • Collectable badges to print at home
  • Be the first to know when a new Collar Cases book is available!
  • Special sales and bundles exclusive to direct storefront
  • Program and event announcements
  • Reading recommendations
  • Bookish giveaways
  • Written by the Collar Cases characters . . . you never know what little story they might share!
  • Vote on book covers, character creation, new series, book titles, plot and setting details, and more!
  • Have a character you want to see? Think Alex and Mittens should visit a specific location? Send us an email!
  • Read new Collar Cases Universe books 6-12 months before anyone else!
  • Be intimately involved in the story development process by giving feedback on an early draft
  • See your name printed in the book’s credits