About Amanda Trumpower 


Jesus, Dragons, Detectives, and Droids

Amanda writes fiction for Jesus lovers who dig dragons, detectives, and droids.

She’s a former children’s librarian, current #twinmom & second-generation homeschooler, and life-long lover of all things geeky.

(Including but not limited to: Star Wars, Disney Princesses, overly complicated board games, D&D, and video game RPGs.)

She’s also a major Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie fangirl.

She is the author of Collar Cases, a Christian chapter book mystery series for kids 7-11 who love animals, humor, and silly hijinks.

Her academic and professional education includes:

  • English BA (Malone University)
  • Masters of Library & Information Science (Kent State)
  • Jerry Jenkins’ Christian Writers Guild
  • Author Media‘s Book Launch Blueprint and more.

Amanda survived grad school and newborn twins without drinking a single cup of coffee. But there was copious amounts of chocolate involved. And also God’s grace!

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Until next time meet, may your dice roll high and your chocolate stash stay secret.

Last updated: May 2022

Collar Cases

Illustrated chapter books for readers 7-12 who love mysteries, animals, and silly hijinks.


Collar Cases #1: Case of the Robbed Recipe

Someone stole Grandma Basset’s top-secret recipe! Can Mittens and Alex uncover the culprit in time?

Collar Cases #2: Case of the Missing Monet

Take a field trip into the world of art theft. Can Mittens and Alex see past the deception around them to discern friend from foe?

Collar Cases #3: Case of the Angry Avians

The trail to find Ruffled Feathers is about to get cold. Ice cold.


Join us for the Collar Cases debut year! 2022 will see four books released in paperback, audiobook, and ebook.

Books Coming in 2022

Suspects Interrogated

Minutes of Collar Cases Audiobooks


Featured In

[A] lively, fast-paced story kids will love. Young readers will be drawn into the mystery as much as by the banter between tough-as-nails Mittens and her faithfully-hungry partner, Alex. Perfect for the child who loves animals, mysteries, and above all, cookies.

Christie Thomas, author of Quinn’s Promise Rock  and Quinn Says Goodbye

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