About Amanda Trumpower 

Amanda Trumpower writes for Jesus lovers who dig dragons, detectives, and droids.

She’s a twin mom and second-generation homeschooler . . . married to a second-generation homeschooler!

Her favorite D&D class is druid for the spell flexiblity and the shapeshifting.

Her second favorite class is beastmaster ranger–despite the subclass being critically underpowered and underappreciated.

(Get on that, Wizards of the Coast.)

When she and her husband are not watching Star Wars shows, playing RPG video games, or rolling dice in a D&D campaign, they can be found in their board game room—yes, there is a dedicated room—playing complicated games after the twins are allegedly asleep.

Despite having survived both grad school and infant twins, Amanda has never drank a cup of coffee. She is passionate about hot chocolate.

Amanda writes mysteries, adventures, and speculative fiction for homeschool kids. Her books are high on humor and relationships with an overt biblical worldview.

Currently, all her books exist within the Collar Cases Universe, an anthropomorphic world with an investigative journalist inspired by Superman’s Lois Lane and the worldbuilding of Disney’s Zootopia. 

As a former children’s librarian and summer camp counselor, Amanda feels most at home wearing costumes in public and leading games for kids. She also has a passion for teaching student writers.

Her academic education includes an English BA from Malone University and a Masters of Library and Information Science from Kent State.

Her industry education includes Jerry B. Jenkin’s Christian Writers Guild, Author Media’s Obscure No More and Book Launch Blueprint, and more.

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