Connecting parents to Christian middle grade books!

This is a list for parents who are looking for middle grade books written by Christian authors.

Middle grade fiction is written for 8-12 year olds.

Does Not Contain

All authors consent their books contain no . . . 

  • language that would constitute swear words on network television
  • sexual content
  • gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender content
  • extreme violence or gore*
  • references to quasi-spiritual activities which could be carried out in a way that opposes the Bible (meditation, clearing your mind, envisioning your future, believing in karma)

Does Contain

All authors identify as a type of Christian. (I don’t investigate theology or denomination.)

Some book contain overt Christian content.

Other books are written from a Christian worldview with no religious content in the story itself.

*PG battle scenes, action sequences, and story peril (including death) are allowed. The focus of these story beats is not to shock or horrify the reader but to achieve a narrative purpose.

A Note About Fantasy & Magic

Books containing fantasy elements will appear on this list. Some may even contain words like witch, wizard, spell, or casting.

While I respect families who draw a boundary here, I personally feel it’s simply a matter of genre set dressing. You can’t have sci-fi without spaceships, Westerns without cowboys . . . or fantasy without magic.

I will not recommend a book if the story goes out of it way to focus on real-life, pagan, religious procedures.

Exercise your family’s guidelines as you see fit.

Happy reading!

We also have a Chapter Book Spotlight which follows similar guidelines.

If you encounter something in a book that goes against my posted guidelines above, please email me at