Collar Cases #4: Case of the Stolen Scarab

History comes alive. Literally.

It’s been a rough week for Mittens Meow.

First, she and Alex return from their Ruffled Feathers adventure in Canada, exhausted yet eager to publish what could be the news story of the year.

Before Mittens can type up her notes, somehow the story is stolen by Rosa Puff, an unscrupulous reporter for BTV Twerp . . . and Mittens’ sworn enemy.

Still stewing over the injustice, Mittens is happy to have an excuse for celebration: her archaeologist friend has just announced the pinnacle discovery of his career!

But on his big night, a priceless artifact goes missing and an ancient curse is unleashed on Bowwow!

Can Mittens and Alex prove it’s all a hoax before Dr. Honda’s career is ruined? Or will he go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit?

Praise for Collar Cases #4

Case of the Stolen Scarab is equal parts humorous, educational, and mysterious. The characters are funny and witty, and the plot will keep you on your toes. Kids will learn the value of forgiveness and not holding a grudge. And what boys don’t love a good story about cursed gems and Egyptian mummy queens?”

Laurie Christine

"Redeeming the Chaos" podcast host & boy mom veteran

Mayhem at the Museum

An ancient curse.

A bitter rival.

A stolen scarab and an angry mummy.

Seriously, is it too much to ask for one quiet day in Bowwow?

Don’t Mess with Mittens M. Meow

Mittens struggles to put the Ruffled Feathers business behind her, but she must if she wishes to save their friend, Dr. Honda, from being convicted of a crime he couldn’t have committed.

And to make matters worse, Dr. Favian appoints Rosa Puff as the third-party investigator for this case. First Rosa steals Mittens’ story. Now, she’s taking over her territory!

Enough is enough. Mittens vows to prove that Dr. Honda is innocent; that Alex’s fear of the mummy’s curse is completely ridiculous; and that Rosa Puff is as crooked as Riley Kastle’s teeth after that base jumping accident last summer.

Stand back, Bowwow. Mittens Meow is on the case.

Searching for God’s truth…and cookies!

This is the fourth entry in Collar Cases, a Christian mystery chapter book series for kids ages 7-12.

Boys and girls alike will laugh at the high-energy hijinks of hyper-focused Mittens and hyper-hungry Alex as they solve crimes and learn lessons about character in their small town.

This book’s family devotional unpacks the command in Luke 6:27 to love our enemies. It’s written by Laurie Christine, veteran boy-mom and parenting podcaster.

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Case of the Stolen Scarab

by Trista Shaye | Collar Cases #4

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