Power Pup #2: Power Pup vs. Grillmaster

Power Pup In Frantic Fight Against Fiery Foe!

Twin disasters strike Bowwow in rapid succession!

Unknown forces steal rare biblical artifacts from the history museum. Will they ever be recovered?

Meanwhile, a fiery supervillain and the Condiments Gang show up in Catburg City. They cut a wide reign of terror through the industrial district, bombing banks and robbing businesses.

Who is this masked menace? What is his sinister plot?

Can Power Pup withstand the heat of his wrath?

Expanded Adventures in the Collar Cases Universe

Power Pup books feature the Collar Cases characters you love plus many new faces.

These family-friendly Christian superhero adventures are written for middle grade readers (ages 7-12). They are longer than the Collar Cases mystery books with a more advanced reading level.

New Faces, Same Bible Truth

Explore themes of courage, heroism, and strength with theme verses taken straight from the Bible. Each Power Pup adventure comes with a short devotion so that your family can laugh and grow together.

Power Pup #2: Power Pup vs. Grillmaster features a devotion about using the gifts God has given you. It’s written by Becca Wierwille, a Christian middle grade author who writes to tell kids they are wonderfully created.

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Power Pup vs. Grillmaster

by Trista Shaye | Power Pup #2

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Book Details

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-939586-25-4

Paperback Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″, 240 pages

Paperback Price: $13.00

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-939586-26-1

Ebook Price: $3.00

Audiobook ISBN:978-1-939586-27-8

Audiobook Duration: 03:05:35

Audiobook Price: $5.00

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