Started with Counting

Counting is an important early math skill for children. Like most parents, I started exposing my twins to numbers 1-10 basically from birth.

My first goals were:

  • Learn to recite 1-10 in the right order
  • Learn to identify the written numbers correctly–first in chronological order, then in random order.
  • Learn to arrange 1-10 on flashcards in the correct order.

Leveled Up to Quantity

Now that they’ve mastered this, I think it’s time to introduce quantity.

This doesn’t have to be complicated! I literally just drew circles on construction paper and let them play with toys as we counted out X number into various circles.

They had such a great time, I decided to make it into something printable for you. (As always, I would laminate the pieces for durability.)

You can even use this to introduce basic addition and subtraction…though the Trumpowers are not ready for this quite yet!

Try It Yourself!

Note: We used Skoozy Bears for this activity. You can use any collection of small objects.