Sometimes, even the best superheroes find themselves needing to pass on their super mantle to someone new.

Today, we announce one such transition: Illustrator Lady Sarah Johnson is passing her paintbrush to a new artist, Miss Molly Farnsley. We thank Sarah for her wonderful work on Collar Cases #1 and #2, as well as the pending #3.

Molly Farnsley will be the officiall Illustrator Lady for Collar Cases #4: Case of the Stolen Scarab and beyond.

Molly is a talented artist and experienced web comic producer. She’s the creative force behind Everpresent, a fantasy webcomic that has been updated regularly for six years.

(Some readers might recall Molly appeared on the Amanda Interviews…! career show early 2022 to discuss her work as a comic creator.)

To help you get to know Molly better, we invited her to write a “hello” letter!

Hi, Molly! Welcome to Team Collar Cases. Tell us about yourself!

Hi everyone! I graduated college in 2013 with a degree in Professional Writing. I live in the US with my husband and two cats, Wheatley and Kiwi.

I’ve been creating art for over six years.

One of my favorite things to do is character design! My favorite project has been my webcomic, Everpresent. It’s been going for 6 years and I love telling its story.
My favorite place to work are the local coffee shops in my hometown. My favorite drawing tool is my Wacom tablet.
When I’m bringing a new character to life, I ask them interview questions to get to know them better. I ask them what they fear, what they want most in life, do they have a relationship with God…things like that. Their answers usually surprise me!

If I could say one thing to new artists, it would be, “Keep at it!” Your art will only get better with practice.

Collar Cases #4 Release Date

Molly’s first book with us, Collar Cases #4: Case of the Stolen Scarab, will be released April 13, 2023. 

We will update you on the projected release date of Sarah Johnson’s final book, Collar Cases #3: Case of the Angry Avians as soon as we have information to share.