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Hi all!

Our February career interview episode is nearly upon us. This month, we’re chatting with webcomic author & illustrator Molly Farnsley.

In any creative field, perseverance is 90% of what it takes to be successful. Molly is a fantastic example of perseverance. She started her fantasy webcomic Everpresent way back in August 2016…and she’s still going strong!

This is the kind of stick-with-it-ness that your student has to have if they are going to endure the long journey of creative output.

Join us on Sunday, February 6th at 8 pm EST on my Instagram Live to hear wisdom & advice from someone who has stood the test of time.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. If you can’t make it live, you can always find the show notes and replay link here after the interview.

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Find Molly Online

Find Molly Online

Outline with Time Stamps

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:02 – Everpresent summary
  • 00:07 – Talking about longevity, time, and perseverance as a webcomic creator
  • 00:12 – What is a webcomic?
  • 00:17 – Thumbnailing and outlines
  • 00:21 – How long does it take to do a page?
  • 00:24 – Recognizing the seasons in your life and how it impacts your work
  • 00:26 – How does your Christianity influence your identify as a creator?
  • 00:28 – Advice to students who want to start their own webcomic
  • 00:32 – How to grow your audience
  • 00:34 – Dealing with burnout
  • 00:36 – Live questions
  • 00:42 – Coming back after setbacks
  • 00:43 – Final words of inspiration: “What are the regrets of someone who has lived 100+ years?”
  • 00:45 – Where to find Molly and Everpresent online