How Draw Mittens and Alex

Join Collar Cases Illustrator Sarah Johnson to build your art skills, discover new techniques, and learn how to draw Mittens and Alex!


Alex’s Book Club: Wild Wild Zest by Wendy Ann Mattox

Alex’s Club House

Two siblings go back in time to 1905 Idaho on a special scavenger hunt. Can they find all the clues in time? Find out in this month's session of Alex's Book Club with Christian children's author Wendy Ann Mattox.


Young Writers Workshop: $1k in 6 Weeks

Does your student dream of making a living as a writer? If the answer is "yes," you don't want them to miss this! Making a living as a writer is doable, but it's extremely difficult--especially in the beginning. Fortunately, there is a start-up secret many people overlook: An author's income does not have to rely […]