We had a Wii fitness game growing up. You balanced on a smart board and juggled balls with increasing quantity and speed until you failed. Not to brag, but I was pretty good. (#RecordHigh.)

I guess it was good practice because now Josiah and I are turbo juggling life.

Right now, I’m eating an impromptu lunch of spaghetti and meatballs. I haven’t made it to the store yet, so the spaghetti is actually fettuccini. And instead of meatballs, I’m using chicken nuggets because I made too many for dinner last night and we’re trying to waste less food.

While making lunch (if you can call it that), I had a rep from Lay-Z-Boy on speaker so I could find out why our credit card payment failed for the nursery’s armchair. I hoped she couldn’t also hear me rotating the laundry. This morning, I networked with other writers. This afternoon, I will go into ninja mode and get Josiah’s present for our first anniversary (next month!)

We didn’t eat dinner last night because we had a meeting with a home builder. After that, we spent two hours driving all over Columbus searching for land. Here’s how that went.

Josiah: There’s a sign!

Me, trying to take picture: Slow down!

Him: Did you get it?!?

Me, fumbling: How do you work the camera on your stupid Android!?!

Him, sighing: You missed it. I’ll turn around.

Me: Think I got it this time. <checks photo> Still blurry. You’re driving too fast.

Him: I can’t go any slower. There’s people behind me!

Me: Well, I can’t take clear pictures at this speed.

Him: Look-look-look, there’s one across the road! Quick!

Me, trying to turn: Wha–

Him: We missed that one too.

Aaaaaaand repeat for two hours.

Earlier this week, we house-sat for a friend. And by “house-sat,” I mean we checked on their dog every two hours as we drove all over town for house showings, more builder meetings, and searching for land. We’ve eaten out for every meal since Saturday. I am not going to disclose how many of those times involved french fries.

We’re thinking we might move.

Or build a house.

Before the twins are here.

Or maybe after.

I’m also trying to aggressively protect my writing time each day so my manuscript rough draft is done before the twins arrive.

<Stress level climbing, stress level climbing.>

I’ve dreamed about floor plans and/or getting lost in houses every night for a week.

We’re also hosting an open house next week for +50 people to celebrate the twins. I should cook real food at least once this week. I’m cleaning out drawers and closets in preparation for a move that may or may not happen, but if it does happen, will happen very soon. My best friend is getting married in 60 days. I still have to figure out how to predict what maternity dress size I need so I can order my bridesmaid dress before it’s too late.

Did I mention I’m trying to get my book done?

<deep breaths>