Did you know babies sometimes sleep through the night?!?! As of this morning, we do!!

Last night was our first good night since bringing Justine home! Except for the time it took to finish her bottle, she slept through the night! THIS HAPPENS?

It’s been great having Mom here. It’s so helpful watching someone who has done this before. We’ve learned a few things (I actually CAN take Justine down to the first floor for a change of scenery) and got ideas on how to make things easier. There is an arctic wind of record-setting proportions blowing through our area. She’s not going to travel home for safety reasons. She’ll be here through the weekend.

Shucky darns, twist my arm. <slowly hides the knife I was intending to slash her tires with behind my back>

Jayce’s blood panel results are not back yet. He certainly won’t be home today but perhaps later this week.

Thanks so much to all the people who reached out over the last few days. It means the world to us. We’ll let you know when we’re a family of four!