Some days we glide into nap time. Other days, we crash with a mushroom explosion and plume of smoke.

The kids have essentially been up since Josiah’s deployment early this morning. Not a big deal; we’re just ahead of our usual schedule. By 8:30, we’re tired enough that living room toys frustrate us. So I decide it’s time for walks/rides. 

They love the idea. Justine runs to her car, giggling. I open the car door for her. She runs away, screaming. I’m confused but I shut the car door. She runs back to the car, giggling. I open it, she runs away. Etc.

I finally chase her down, stuff her protesting self in the car, and as soon as the door shuts, she is content. “Gee Mom. What took you so long?”

Jayce, meanwhile, is having a great time unsupervised. He has also taken his car, but he is not inside it. He is pushing it from behind at top speed in laps around the first floor. Except he’s not very good at steering. He keeps crashing into walls and corners, and then gets mad about it. 

I chase Jayce around the first floor. Once I catch him, I put him behind Justine’s car. Ha ha! Solved that problem. Except that Jayce takes off at top speed again with her trapped inside. She is not a fan. She twists around and smacks him through the rear window. 

Okay. Problem not solved. 

In the end, I pushed her car myself and guided his while he provided the power. If we did 1 lap like that, we did 50. They were having a great time….until they weren’t. Without any particular provocation, he suddenly collapses into an inconsolable pile behind his car, carrying on like I have been forcing him to push this thing for the last 15 minutes. Justine is reminded she’s not actually sure she wants to be in her car and also has a meltdown.

Never have I been more thankful that Josiah helps me get nap time started when he has the time to spare. The kids are out and the house is, at last, quiet.