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A Cry for Help

I need a manageable Bible reading plan. Desperately. Send me suggestions!

Realm Makers 2021 Conference: Update (Finally!!!)

Conference was amazing. I got to have lunch with Frank Peretti. I met some really great people, filled my writer’s heart, and nourished my soul.

Realm Makers is an explicitly Christian spec-fic writing community. It’s so wonderful. Every class felt like going to Bible camp, even when we were talking about plot. I feel so full.

The big news: I did get manuscript requests from both of my pitch appointments–plus an extra one I wasn’t planning!

I went in, I pitched, and for whatever reason, they asked to hear more. I’ve submitted my full book proposal and manuscript. Now it’s a waiting game for up to three months.

I most likely will hear nothing back. But if I do…wow.

(One of the publishers who requested more material…working with them is a career level goal. Not something I thought was on the table for, you know, day one. They will almost assuredly pass, but at least I was invited to approach their table. I feel very grateful.)

Collar Cases: So Many Updates!

Collar Cases is my mystery chapter book series for kids ages 7-11 which I’m launching independently. No waiting around for publishers on this one!

<confident superhero laugh>

I’m working towards a January/February 2022 launch with Books 1-3. They will be available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.

Today, I received the sample from my narrator! I still can’t believe Collar Cases is getting an audiobook. It’s amazing. If you want a sneak peak, go check out Trista Shaye’s other audiobooks on Audible.

I also received a sample illustration from my artist! It’s equally amazing!! I don’t have anything Collar Cases specific I can share yet, but you can find Sarah Noble’s other work here! She is responsible for all the artwork in Galaxy Junkers, a forthcoming, casually-competitive, energy-collecting, spaceship-flying board game.

Book 2 is in the hands of the editor. I’m up to my neck in administrative tasks (tax forms, bank accounts, business names). I’m also trying to get in one more round of revisions on Book 3.

Free Short Stories

I’m still working on the Will Scarlet short story, set in my Robin Hood universe. It’s halfway through the rough draft. My goal is to get it to you by the end of the year. The other promised short stories will follow sometime after.

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Thank you for your patience as I try to move all the balls forward as quickly as possible. As soon as I hear anything back on Robin Hood (and I’m allowed to share!!!), I will post it here…and probably shout from the rooftops.