I am so excited to share that at the the time of this writing, the Power Pup 3 Kickstarter is sitting at ~$1300 and 268% funded!

We are so humbled and thankful for your pronounced support!

So exactly how long do backers have to wait before receiving their goods?

The answer: Not as long as you might think!

Kickstarter FAQ: Fulfillment

Although the campaign page says delivery won’t be until August 2024, that is my “safety net” date.

I’m actually hoping to fulfill during February and March 2024.
A lot of it depends on how many people are in line ahead of me at the printers.
Sometimes it takes less than two weeks to receive my books, sometimes it takes four.
If I haven’t finished fulfilling by mid-March, I will need to take a short break to prepare for the April homeschool convention we sell at. This is our biggest event of the year and some of the days are 13 hours long, so it takes a lot of prep and energy!
After we have returned on the first weekend of April (and after I have given myself 2-3 days to recover my physical stamina), I will resume fulfillment.
I’d like to have everything delivered by end of May 2024 at the latest.
If there are any delays, I will let you know as soon as I know.

What’s Next for Power Pup 3: Printing

At the time of this writing, we are 268% funded for Power Pup 3. I’d like to share a few details about what we’ll do with these funds.
When we designed the campaign, we thought we could raise most, but not all, of the money necessary for the first print run.
I estimate those costs to be between $650-700, so thanks to your incredible support, that last $150-$200 no longer has to come out of my family’s personal budget.
I (and my husband, lol) thank you for alleviating this cost from our small business.

What’s Next for Power Pup 3: Art Payment

The next portion of the “excess” funds will go to our illustrator, Jerry Bennett.
Jerry is a man of incredible talent and experience, who–frankly–should not even be returning my emails, let alone illustrating my books.
He graciously agreed to give us a generous discount from his usual fee, given that we were a Christian startup. For three books, he has worked for less than his usual rate.
Now, thanks to you, a good chunk of our extra Kickstarter funds will go to Jerry to fully pay him for his time creating the interior illustrations for book 3.
This is hugely important. Jerry is also running a small business, and has no obligation to take on projects that won’t allow him to support his own family.
The best way we can retain the professional quality that he brings to Power Pup books is by giving him fair payment.
After all, 1 Timothy 5:18 says that workmen are due their fair wages.
I can’t do that alone, but together, we can make it happen. And create a seriously awesome book for everyone to hold in the end. 🙂

What’s Next for Power Pup 3: Getting Closer to 0

Whatever funds are left after those two needs have been met will go toward paying off the “debt” that Power Pup 3 currently has from its production process.
Each Power Pup book takes my family about $2,000 to create.
All steps of the process (editing, illustration, narration, cover design) have an experienced professional attached to them. While this makes for excellent quality, it’s also expensive.
When a book overfunds on its Kickstarter campaign, you are helping the creator pay off the production expenses it took to bring the book this far.
This means that when it launches on mainstream retailers like Amazon or Barns & Noble, that book is less in debt (or not at all) and can start earning actual profit for the author faster.
This is really important, because a book sold on Amazon may only earn the author $1-3 per sale.
Think how long those kinds of profits would take to pay off a $2,000 bill!
When the book arrives on Amazon $0 in debt, those little $1-3 profits can go straight back into our business, allowing us to feed our families, keep our electricity on, and continue writing more clean, fun, biblically-centered books for your kids.

More Info to Come Next Time

I hope that breakdown encourages you that we will be careful stewards of the investment you have made in us.
As always, if you have any questions about the campaign or books, feel free to email me.
Thanks again for all your support.