Hi Barkers!

I’m sharing another FAQ video in response to some questions I’ve received about the customized art option from Jerry.

Watch the video or skip to the text summary below!

As I’ve mentioned before, Jerry is an accomplished artist who has worked on everything from independent graphic novels to projects for media giants like Marvel and Star Wars.

His talent is exceptional and it’s an honor to have him on this project.

During the campaign, Jerry is offering ten limited slots for you to turn your child into a Power Pup-style superhero in a unique, originally created artwork.

This type of experience could cost you $300 elsewhere.

We’re offering you the experience for $250 (limited to 10 spots). This price includes¬†a signed set of the entire Collar Cases Universe¬†(four Collar Cases and three Power Pups), plus professionally-narrated audiobooks, the ebook collection, and swag.

The finished digital art piece would print at approximately 11 x 14 inches. (Perfect for a poster in a child’s room!) We will send you the digital version and you can decide if you’d like to print it.

The artwork will feature Power Pup in a superhero pose. Your child’s character will be next to him. Here’s the exciting part: Jerry will work with your child and let them help choose their pose, superhero color palette, and animal species!

This offer is truly special and a fantastic opportunity for your child to become a part of the Power Pup world for those who want to take the plunge to become a super backer.

(If you’ve already backed but want to get the art, you can always modify your pledge. There should be a green “Mange Your Pledge” button at the top of your screen.)

Thank you for your time, and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy backer-ing!