Power Pup news is coming in fast this week! Let’s go over some highlights.

Power Pup #1 Now Available

If you’re into audiobooks but you’re not an Audible user, check out our other audiobook retailers. Our narrator, Trista Shaye, brings so much humor to the characters. You’re sure to love it no matter what retailer you use!

Sale & Free Shipping: Signed Copies

From now until 3/4/2023, you can get a signed copy of Power Pup #1 from our direct store. It’s a little cheaper than Amazon, and it comes with free shipping!

(P.S. If you haven’t had a chance to grab Collar Cases #4 yet, you can get Power Pup #1 and Collar Cases #4 this week for $20 . . . no shipping!)

Cookies & Books

What could be better than a new book?

A new book and cookies, of course!

Until the end of March, you can snag yourself a limited edition book + cookie bundle. These three inch sugar cookies are made by local baker B’s Sweet Bakery. They are incredibly delicious . . . and as a fun bonus, they have official Power Pup art on the icing!

$25 gets you a signed paperback, two cookies, and a Power Pup coloring sheet. With no additional charge for domestic shipping!

Unboxing Video

So many boxes!

I unpacked our Power Pup book shipment and prepped some cookie bundles . . . with the help of a special little assistant. He’s a great helper!