I’ve never watched that Discovery channel show Dirty Jobs, but today, I would have been a contestant.

(Warning: If you can’t handle discussions about poo, this is your chance to click away.)

Justine has struggled with constipation from Day 1, bless her little digestive tract. It’s a regular battle in this house to help her be, well, regular. Lately, it’s a battle we’ve lost. For three weeks.

I tried everything: Dietary adjustments. Social support. (“Everyone goes poo! It’s a great thing to do!”) Treats. Bribes. Lots of Miralax. Nothing was working and I felt desperate.

Then today…poo explosion.

I do not exaggerate when I say my entire morning has been filled with cleaning up poo and tears. I get her off the potty, set the bathroom to rights, and walk toward my next task only to hear that we need to do it all over again.

(Note to self: Next time, turn a movie on in the bathroom and let her stay there!)

The tears come because all the Miralax I’ve given her has finally defeated her ability to hold it. This distresses her, to say the least. It has been a raw, emotional day. Jayce doesn’t understand why his sister is getting so much attention, so he has poured his little emotions on top of the potty chaos. It’s…not helping my sanity.

It’s 12:45 pm now. We’ve been in the bathroom at least five or six times, with several emotionally turbulent diaper changes in between those. About four hours ago, I was trying to make dinner. I think I ate lunch; I haven’t a clue about breakfast. The TV has been on since 8:30 am. I’m not sure what Jayce has been up to all this time, but there are toys strewn across the first floor and Christmas ornaments stranded from their tree.

This is one of those days experienced moms talk about when they say motherhood is not a glamorous job. Today’s poo drama also comes on the heels of the kids feeling sick (and recently me, since they were kind enough to share). I feel like I have done nothing but handle one child-sized crisis after another, from morning to night. Even when the kids calm down, my internal stress-o-meter hovers high after helping diffuse so many emotional hurricanes.

It’s like the mom equivalent of being stuck in business meetings all day, but with more crying and body fluids.

During these days, I reflect on how hard parenting is. The mere endurance needed to do the job well is not something I innately possess! God’s grace and provision are critical components to any parent’s performance.

I also reflect on how precious these kids are to me. How fiercely I love them and how I have 0% interest in being anywhere else but here with them.

I’m not going to pretend cleaning up poo explosions brings me joy, but witnessing my kids grow first hand…that does bring me joy. So does doing my best to love them, knowing that God has a plan for their lives. Josiah and I been given this incredible opportunity to love these little Chaos Monsters, poo-plosions included, and I am here for it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this nap time has been interrupted by more poo. Today feels like a good day for Daddy to be in charge after work…