Dear Future Kids:

Hey there. It’s Mom. You don’t exist yet. Dad and I are excited for you to be here one day. I’ve looked forward to being your mom for a long time.

We talk about you a lot. We just got married, you see, which means we spend a lot of time doing gross things like kissing. But sometimes when we’re not kissing, we talk about how to be good parents. How will we discipline you? How do we model the values we want you to learn? What will your education look like?

Also: In what order should we introduce you to Star Wars? (This one is quite critical.)

But if I could only teach you one thing, I’d want it to be this: There’s a God who made you.

Not everybody believes this. We’ll talk about that as a family. For now, understand that from the evidence in my life, the natural world around me, and the words of God preserved in the Bible, I’m fully convinced there is a good creator God.

He’s perfect because He never did a bad thing.

He’s powerful because He made everything.

He’s good because He filled the world with colors and smells and also dark chocolate.

In fact, He created all people. Among all the people He created throughout all history and geography, He created me to be just the way I am. He loves me so much. When I did a bad thing and separated myself from Him, He died for me so one day I can spend forever in heaven with Him.

He didn’t do this just for me. He also did it for Dad. And Grandma & Grandpa (both sides!). He wants to do it for you, too.

Throughout your life, you’ll watch me and Dad do our best to show you God. How much He loves you, how much He’s changed our lives, and how much peace you’ll know if you follow Him too.

We’ll teach you a lot of things. Lemon pepper is superior to black pepper (don’t tell Dad) and Hufflepuff is the best house.

But if I had to pick just one, this is what I want you to know.