Hello, all! I’m here with a video update for October 2022. 

I start with two personal announcements and requests for prayers: My dad is having open heart surgery on Tuesday, October 18, and Mom Trumpower is experiencing some decline in her battle with a terminal illness. Prayers for safety, peace, and comfort would be appreciated.

I’m also formally announcing on the blog the new Collar Cases universe series, debuting in just a couple months!

Power Pup is a middle-grade Christian superhero action/adventure series. It features Alex Digger and Mittens Meow, plus some very special new friends. Its comedy and action sequences are inspired by classic Superman comics, the 1960s liveaction Batman show starring Adam West, and a touch of Shazam! comic book lore.

Our amazing illustrator for the series is Jerry Bennett, a Christian artist and veteran superhero illustrator. He’s worked for Marvel, DC, Disney, Dreamworks, Star Wars, and more.

The original line of Collar Cases mystery books are not ending. In fact, I have received the interior illustrations for Collar Cases #3 and will be releasing that title very soon.

For more details, check out the video below!