Collar Cases #4 is available!

After a brief series of technical delays that seemed destined to drive Team Collar Cases past the limits of our collective sanity, we are so excited to share the latest mystery with you!

Here’s a sneak peak of the story:

Mittens and Alex are excited to share an important moment in the life of their friend, Dr. Harrison Honda, the expert archaeologist. But then, the big night is ruined by a missing mummy and ancient curse!

Will Mittens and Alex prove their friend is innocent of any wrongdoing?

Or will Rosa Puff convince the public (and the police!) that Honda sells rare artifacts on the black market?

This is Molly Farnsley’s first full book in the role of Illustrator Lady. I can’t wait for you to see her amazing illustrations. I love the life she has brought to Mittens and Alex!

New Bonus Feature: Character Glossary

We have a new bonus feature on the Collar Cases website!

You can now access the alpha version of our Illustrated Character Glossary. This glossary features color portraits of the CCU (Collar Cases Universe!) characters, plus a unique audio greeting recorded by official Collar Cases voice, Trista Shaye.

As you can see, there are plenty of characters that need to be created and gaps that need filled in. You can watch us grow this resource over the course of 2023!

Two Big Surprises

In addition to Collar Cases #4, I’m sitting on not one but two news items I’m really excited about. I’m not ready to share quite yet. But they’re pretty great and I’m so excited to spill the beans soon.

Until later!