My two-year-old daughter is obsessed with Finding Nemo, so I made her a Nemo quantity game!


  • Printed fish
  • Pompoms, small snack pieces, or buttons
  • Dice (optional)


Print off the fish and laminate for repeated use.

Use colored pompoms, a small snack (Cheerios, M&Ms, goldfish, etc), large buttons, or anything else that fits on the paper without being a choking hazard.

Place items on the blue bubbles, counting up as you go.


  • To work on number/quantity understanding, write out 1 through 10 on separate sticky notes. Help your child place the appropriate note on the appropriate fish.
  • If you want to practice non-sequential number mastery, cut the fish apart and ask shuffle them into a pile. Help your child arrange them in a line from smallest number to largest.
  • For older children or advanced number learners, mix things up with a dice! Have your child throw a dice and place that number of pips on the dots.
  • You can add a layer of addition education by letting your child choose which fish to start on, then roll the die and add the appropriate number of fish. Also works for subtraction.

Pips go up from 1 to 10.

Download the PDF

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