A phone conversation at the Reference Desk:

Woman: I need the phone number for Kroger’s.

<me: provides phone number>

Woman: Thanks, hon. Are you doing anything for Christmas? We’re just staying home. Homebodies all, that’s what we are. We went on a trip once in 1974 to a cabin in Michigan and I tell you what, that was the coldest night of my life. Haven’t gone anywhere since.

But that’s all right. I like staying home. I was raised on it. My mother was a gardener.–Shucks, listen to me. Telling my life story.—Well anyways, she was a gardener and a homemaker. Stayed home and made it a nice place to be.

I think more people should do that, don’t you? Seems like everyone is always working. What are the kids supposed to do with their parents away all the time? Spend time with the computer screens, I guess. I just don’t think it’s healthy. No sir.