We are almost at the end of 2020’s first month. We are also nearing the end of month two in our new house, plus the end of the first month with the twins after reaching the one year mark.

I’m so thankful to have my writing routine established now that we are in the new house and back to regular schedules post-holidays. Writers write. It’s that simple. I have found my window of opportunity to do this thing that matters to me, for the season I’m currently in. When the twins have new needs because they have grown and changed, it will be time to find a new window.

I didn’t finish my current draft by end of 2019. That was disappointing. Knee surgery recovery provided less writing time than I expected. And the weeks immediately following our move were devoted to unpacking.

However, the only goal that really matters is to just move forward–to borrow a phrase from Mr. Walt Disney himself. I have picked my new deadline for the first quarter of 2020 and I have a plan for making it happen. Yesterday was a good 2K day during nap time. Today has already been more than that. Fingers crossed!

Having kids has taught me there are always more contenders for your time than actual time. Getting my debut done with toddler twins isn’t easy, but it matters enough to do it anyway. Whatever your thing is, pick your goals, make a plan, and be consistent. Wishing you all the best with your hopes and aspirations for the new year.

“Keep moving forward!” — Walt Disney