We got great news today!

Jayce will not need surgery. He doesn’t have the bad liver disease. The biopsy indicated his liver is not normal, but definitely does not need surgery.

In fact, the nurse practitioner we (finally) spoke with this evening thinks it’s probable he can come home this weekend. He has recovered from his biopsy, does not seem to be in pain, continues to eat well, and no longer has an IV.

They are still tracking down possible causes for his elevated bilirubin. Jayce’s liver doctor will consult with a geneticist to see about possible gene-related causes. We will need to follow up with various medical personnel in the following weeks.

We are so thankful he will not have to endure surgery! Thank you for all your prayers. Also, major shout out to Linda, a fellow church member, for babysitting Justine all day and at last-minute notice so we could both be at the hospital today.