You know you’re a #boymom when a trip to the playground ends in your toddler son tripping into an ocean-sized puddle and landing facedown–eyes, nose, and mouth–in the water.

I’d swear on a stack of Bibles I stood motionless for 30 seconds, just watching him lay there. My husband assures me I snatched him out almost before he even hit the water, so I guess shock does funny things to your sense of time.

After we got him out, I had another heart attack when he spat out a piece of mulch and didn’t seem to be breathing. But the mulch came out, the cold shock wore off, and he reluctantly submitted to a hasty toweling off with my hoodie.

We had to leave the playground after that to get warm. (Honestly, I think he was more upset about that than getting wet!) My little puddle diver is safe, dry, clean, and enjoying a Subway sandwhich.

I will probably be stressed out for the rest of the day.

Good grief.

amandajtrumpowerp.s. my husband snapped the pic when he was safe & I was cleaning him off. Promise we did not stop in the middle of a potential drowning moment for an Instagram post!