If you read this post from last December, you know I’m a big fan of Laurie Christine and her parenting show for boy moms, Redeeming the Chaos. Over the winter, it was my tremendous honor to be a guest on her show! We talk about my experience as a mom of boy/girl twins and how we must all fight the tendency to compare our children.

My twins were recently 3 years old when Laurie and I talked. Now, they are about a month shy of three-and-a-half. In these few short months, it has been amazing to see them accelerate toward childhood and leave behind the last traces of babyhood.

The most significant factor among these changes?

Gender differences!

Behavioral differences that I saw as mere hints during this interview with Laurie are now fleshed-out and fundamental elements in each of my children’s personalities. While I still believe that both genders have the same basic needs–love, respect, encouragement, patience, purpose, passion–those needs can certainly express themselves differently depending on if it’s coming from my daughter vs. my son!

I find that Laurie often has the missing piece0 of insight I need when faced with the prospect of understanding the little man running around my house. Wherever you are at in the parenting journey, if you have a son, Laurie’s show will give you so much encouragement and cheer. Listen to our chat here.