We’re moving! We decided to sell our Columbus house and move to northeast Ohio. This will take us back to my hometown and immediate family.

While it might seem like a sudden change, the truth is we’ve been on a quest for about a year and a half to figure out our next family home. For a long time, we assumed we would build a house in the Columbus area. This summer, we even bought land.

However, the effort of saving to build our house ASAP has been intense. House construction is never cheap, and our area of Columbus is a particularly expensive. On top of that, we commute the 2+ hours to see my family multiple times a month. My parents come our way even more often, whether it’s Mom coming down for a day to help me with doctor appointments or the entire trio for a weekend of fun and board games.

We realized we never considered moving away as an option for our next chapter. Once we looked into it, we were surprised how affordable the size of house we wanted was. Casual investigating led to discovering the Actual House of Our Dreams. Before you dismiss that as hyperbole, allow me to elucidate.

Anyone who has the privilege of knowing Josiah knows among his many fine qualities comes a certain…ahem…pickiness. The chances of him finding a video game, a movie, a meal, a mattress, a car color, a taste, a household temperature, an outdoor temperature, a style of slipper, a weave of sheets, a quality of TV screen, a thickness of pillow (yes these are all real examples, please send help) that meets 100% of his preferences has…<checks notes>–never before been witnessed by this reporter.

So we when walked into the Actual House of Our Dreams and Josiah was speechless with total approval, perhaps you can understand my determination to own the place. As far as I’m concerned, the site deserves to be consecrated as holy ground because God officially performed a minor miracle. I’m not saying it was beyond His abilities, but it likely took most of His attention.

As if a minor miracle wasn’t enough, the house is one neighborhood away from my parents.

Give me. The freaking pen.

So we’re moving! Spontaneously. Across the state. With 9 month twins. By approximately November. One week before my ACL reconstruction surgery and subsequent six weeks on crutches.