Happy “May the Fourth Be With You” Day–the only date on the calendar completely overtaken by a passionate fandom! I hope Baby Yoda gifs, Obi-Won quotes, and expanded universe fan-art fill your day. And perhaps a marathon session. (Bad Batch, anyone?)

While you’re busy living up the Star Wars hype, why not also throw your name into the ring to receive a free sci-fi ebook? Positively ringing with The Martian and Hidden Figures vibes, Random Walk is the first book in the Fractured Galaxy trilogy written by my friend Rachel Lulich:

Derek Williams, Jacob Mendez, and Vicky Abrams have trained for years to helm the first manned spaceflight launched by the U.S. Air Force. The Pioneer’s mission is simple: test the experimental new Hawking Engine, designed to take them to Mars faster than any manned craft has traveled before. But when the engine reaches full capacity, the craft unexpectedly hurtles into the unknown.

With power levels falling and communications offline, the crew must face the unbelievable truth: The Pioneer is lightyears from Earth in uncharted space. Far from the safety of their simulators and support from Ground Control, Derek, Jacob, and Vicky are challenged to the end of their abilities to keep the ship safe—and survive long enough to find a way home.

Rachel Lulich

The Goodreads giveaway starts TODAY. And the good news is, there’s not just one winner. There are ONE HUNDRED.

What do you win? A free ebook!

How do you enter? Easy! Click this link.

When will you hear back? Goodreads will notify winners after the contest closes on June 4th.

If you want near-future, hard sci-fi adventures written by someone who knows her science (Rachel is a former Air Force cryptologic linguist turned novelist!), check her out at www.rachellulich.com. Tell her Amanda sent you!