I hardly know where to start with today’s video update. So many exciting things that we finally get to share. Let’s get to it!

Limited Edition: Power Pup #1 Cookie Bundle!

Team Collar Cases has teamed up with local baker B’s Sweet Bakery to create a limited edition book + cookie bundle to celebrate the upcoming release of Power Pup #1!

Orders accepted from 2/12/2023 to 3/31/2023. The bundle includes . . .

  • 1 signed paperback of Power Pup vs. Tommy Trigger Finger
  • 2 fluffy 3″ sugar cookies with custom royal icing Power Pup art
  • Free Power Pup coloring page

These sugar cookies are my absolute favorite!! They are firm on the outside yet fluffy and melty on the inside. I am so excited to bring them to you courtesy of B’s Sweet Bakery.

For local orders (zip code 44709 or surrounding), order through the bakery’s store. Fulfillment will begin on February 26, 2023 (Power Pup #1’s release day!).

For shipped orders, well, that brings us to announcement number two . . . 

Announcing the Collar Cases Direct Store!

For limited periods of time, we will open our new direct sales store located right here on this site. The store will be open Feburary-March and will reopen again during our next special occasion.

In its first session, you can purchase signed paperbacks and ebook copies of Collar Cases #1-4 and Power Pup #1.

We will add audiobook direct sales, series bundles, and format bundles in future sessions!

Check out the limited edition Power Pup cookie bundle before it goes away. B’s sugar cookies are absolutely amazing . . . you do not want to miss out! Local orders here or shipped orders here.

Regardless of how you purchase, Team Collar Cases is so grateful for your support as we work to bring kids great entertainment with biblical values. We couldn’t do it without you!