The twins are officially one year old and growing! Things we are dealing with at the moment are increased interest in taking each other’s toys, independent wills but little communication skills, diminishing containment options for me to use when I need to be away, and resurfaced nap-time resistance.

(Jayce only on that last one. Justine’s patronus is a koala bear.)

Life with kids is always a mix of the fun and the tiring. Rather than list the annoyances, here are the random things that get me through the day right now:

  • Fat spoonfuls of chocolate icing straight from the jar.
  • Stepping into my new library room when the house is quiet. Ah, books.
  • The look of the living room freshly straightened when nap time begins.
  • Being kid-free from 6pm-ish until 7 am-ish. Couple time, reading time, board game time, uninterrupted sleep. Amen, amen, and amen.
  • Being 3.5 miles from my parents’ house after being 80+ miles for the last five years.
  • Grocery shopping with my mom. So much easier with a buddy, and much more fun.
  • A trip to the local library with two tote bags in tow for unabashed plundering.
  • A tall, cold glass of chocolate milk.
  • The sound of the dishwasher and clothes washer running simultaneously in the evening when the sink is clear and the laundry baskets are empty.
  • Fresh sweeper tracks in the carpets.
  • Salt and vinegar potato chips with sharp cheddar cheese sandwiches for lunch.
  • Orange juice with breakfast. Not an every day event, but such a treat.
  • That feeling of triumph Josiah and I share after we put the kids in their cribs and shut their door.
  • Related to above: Desserts, low lighting, and board games in our bedroom.
  • Our beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows in most rooms.
  • Knowing it is probably not more than three days before we see my parents and/or brother again.
  • Our bath tub big enough for two, with jets. The Lord is good indeed.
  • Awesome girlfriends who give up a day of college break to help us survive the day when I have a cold. (Thank you, Renee!!!)
  • Actually knowing what we are having for dinner on occasion.
  • Reading my manuscript after a period away and being reminded, “Wow. That’s not half bad.”
  • Josiah’s amazing morning routine that includes shuttling the kids downstairs so I can get dressed, making breakfast for everyone, and unloading the dishwasher while I finish eating.
  • An evening out to the movies with just Josiah.
  • Eating out. With anyone, at any restaurant, under any circumstances. If I didn’t have to cook it, it’s amazing.
  • Did I mention the chocolate icing thing?