Thank you to everyone who showered us with prayer, encouragement, and service as last night’s heart test turned into this morning’s emergency c-section. It’s been a long day.

Jayce and Justine were born at 9:30 am. I am not a fan of pregnancy nor birth, but I have to say the c-section was quick and organized. That’s about as good as I think it gets when you have to remove a small human from your own body. I was so scared. It’s a good thing God is patient because He heard the same thing on loop from me all morning: “God, we’re doing it. I’m scared. Help.”

Josiah held my hand the entire time. The procedure was super straightforward! (Again, big fan.) It was over in less than an hour. I heard crying behind the drapery screen shielding me from super gross things.

There was a baby in the room who hadn’t been there before. And I’m pretty sure she came out of me!

I cried. I’m not a baby person, but I will not forget the sound of hearing my daughter say hello to the world for the first time.

After her initial announcement, Justine turned totally chill. She spent time with her NICU team while the doctors retrieved Jayce. He had a good deal more to say and protested his new living space with lots of kicking and waving. He is tiny!!

Now it is 10 pm. Both kids are doing well. Josiah and I held them for nearly two hours this evening. Jayce had a heart echo performed but we have not heard the results yet. He has not been moved to Nationwide Children’s, so we’re hopeful we are not facing the worst-case scenario.

I am also doing well. Moving around without dizziness, eating light food without nausea. Tonight we are enjoying a restful evening free of heart monitors and looking forward to more time with the twins tomorrow.