December 2021 Video Update

Today, I’m so excited to share two sneak peeks of the interior of Collar Cases #1: Case of the Robbed Recipe. These pages are 100% accurate digital representations of what the printed book will look like, including the art by illustrator Sarah Johnson.

Once the rest of the illustrations come in, I’ll be able to finish the book formatting process, which is the final task standing between this book and your young readers. The audiobook has been finished for months and will be available in many places (to be announced upon official launch) once the paperback is ready.

As for the other books, Collar Cases #2 and #3 are patiently waiting for their turns to be illustrated. The audiobook for #2 is finished while #3 began recording a few days ago.

I am excited to finish this year of prep and continue to stay on track for May 2022 launch.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas with your dear ones.