Well, she did it again. Justine had another breathing incident at 6 am. THE DAY SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO COME HOME. The clock is reset for another five-day period. Earliest homecoming day is now Wednesday.

Frowny faces all around.

Jayce is chugging along, practicing his bottle skills and growing. We think the UTI is gone. They will know for sure tomorrow.

The medical team performed two more ultrasounds. One was on his kidneys to make sure they are issue-free (check). The other was on his head. The kids are approx. 36 weeks now and a head scan is normal procedure to make sure everything is forming well. Everything looks good!

We’re concerned because Josiah submitted his paternity leave paperwork since we thought she would be home today. Now we’re burning days. More if she keeps having incidents. His work is flexible and will try cooperate with him as best they can. I’m still worried about it.

But again, big picture: Everyone is pretty healthy. Bottles continue. Hopefully Justine can get her breathing under control and we’ll try again on Wednesday!!!