This morning marks Day 8 of our combined family living adventure and Day 3 of surgery recovery.

They say Day 2 and Day 3 of surgery recovery is the worst. So far, I have to agree. Friday night was terrible. Last night was better.

The most discomfort I’m feeling at the moment is less about the knee itself and more to do with the consequences of keeping my leg locked straight with a brace. All my muscles are cramping.

I do get to unlock my brace when I use the continuous motion machine, which gently forces my knee to bend. My muscles get some relief during this time but I am definitely looking forward to the first PT appointment. Brace will come off for a few minutes and things will be freshened up for the first time since surgery!

Nights are hard even when they are not painful. Every two or three hours, I have to wake Josiah up for something: pain meds, a trip to the bathroom, getting in/out of the continuous motion machine. We have lived through this level of sleep interruption with the twins at the beginning of the year. I hate doing it to him again.

I have the easiest job in the house. I stay on top of my medicine schedule, do my exercises, and try to stay pleasant. Josiah and my parents take turns juggling the kids. Who does what depends on everyone’s obligations for the next few hours. Both my parents had work to do over the weekend. Between naps and extra babysitting help, everyone was fed. No one was fired.

Early morning has been the most difficult time for Josiah. I often wake up at 3 or 4 am needing some help. By the time we finish and get settled, the kids start crying for their bottle. So far Dad–and sometimes Mom–have helped speed it along so he can get back to sleep quicker.

Friday had extra excitement. As we head into the final week before we close on our new Canton house, we learned the buyer for our Columbus house was forced to back out. Obviously this is not news you hope to hear a few days before signing on a new home!

Our realtor did a great job getting the house back on the market ASAP. Saturday we had three private showings. She called us at the day’s end with a new offer, which we’ve accepted. Things are back on track, except now our Columbus house won’t finish the selling process until early December. We’re still waiting to see if we can delay possession of our new house until then.

There are perks to staying here longer. Simultaneous twin care & surgery recovery is a difficult lifestyle for everyone. We work as a team and are good communicators, but this would be even more difficult if we were in separate houses. Personally I like the idea of recovering here and taking possession later in a more mobile state.

Continued prayers are appreciated, mostly for Josiah and my parents. It takes a lot of patience, sacrifice, and team spirit to pull off what they’re doing. I so appreciate them all!