Midnight: Our midnight heart test went as poorly as the AM one.

By 2 am, we were still testing with no end in sight. We’ve been visited by four different nurses in an attempt to get monitors correctly tracking separate kids. Ultimately, a resident doctor brought a portable ultrasound to figure out what’s going on.

The good news is the doc saw both of the kids doing practice breaths. They can also see appropriate heart function in terms of mechanics. The bad news is that Jayce’s heart rate is dipping too low again. Even once they get the tracking figured out, we have to do an hour of good heart rate performance before the monitoring is over.

Josiah has officially given up all attempt to sleep. He is at the room desk playing League of Legends on his laptop. Poor guy. I’m just hoping our Christmas reprieve is not off the table.

I fessed up to having a persistent headache for most of yesterday, which is one of the things they regularly ask because it can mean bad things. There are no other accompanying red flags at the moment, so they gave me Tylenol and have said nothing more. Thank goodness.

4 am: I’m putting this up now in case I can’t post in a few hours. We’ve been on equipment since midnight. No sleep. The doctor said we have to be on until morning. No food or water in case a c-section is needed.

Jayce’s heart dipped once and didn’t come back until I moved. Has bounced back since but docs don’t like it. Nurse said doc will talk plans during AM rounds, but I don’t know if that means the resident at 6 am or the full doc mid morning.

4:45 am: Doctors have decided to do an emergency c-section at 9 am. I guess today is the day we become a family of four?