AM: We’re having trouble passing our morning heart test.

Kids moved. I moved. Heartbeats are too similar to differentiate. Most troubling, Jayce’s heart has dipped too low several times.

Doc said they are watching closely and are not prepared to take action at this time, but this is exactly what they don’t want to see. Heart monitoring must continue constantly until we have a good hour of performance. No more freedom. 🙁

2 pm: Still on the monitor from 9 am. Kids are being ornery. I am ready to move! The Pigford fam is here to open Christmas presents and play games, but my limited mobility is making games hard.

3 pm: FREEDOM AT LAST! Kids have performed with enough stability to cut ties with the equipment for a while. Time for a walk, snacks, and lots of board games.

PM: The evening is winding down. Fam has left. We have a midnight heart test to pass in a few hours. Fingers crossed.