As a mom of preschool twins, I need a little routine in my day.

Not a rigid schedule.

More like a suggested flow of events a fresher, saner, calmer me created. First thing in the morning. Over breakfast. Before things started to go crazy.

A Routine That Flexes With You

So I created super simple daily routine cards. They work great for my family. I thought maybe they would be helpful to you too!

As an unexpected bonus, I found that if I had 2-3 general events planned for the next several hours, it reduced decision fatigue. It was easier to use my creativity, engage with my kids, and enjoy the play without having to wonder when we were going to fit in all the puzzle pieces of our day.

Tap the button below to download. The multi-page PDF contains instructions and the routine card graphics.

Wishing you as peace, creativity, and joy as you engage with your little ones!

Note: To fully recreate what I have above, you will also need a laminator, a piece of poster board, and little Velcro squares like these.