Case of the Angry Avians

Case of the Angry Avians

The trail is about to go cold. Ice cold.

Mittens Meow and Alex Digger pursue Ruffled Feathers to the Canadian mountains...where they get caught in a blizzard, team up with a Canadian Mountie, and stumble into a ski lodge full of suspicious characters!

Can the team unmask Ruffled Feathers while solving another crime? Find out in Collar Cases #3: Case of the Angry Avians.

About the Book

Trapped with an Archnemesis

Mittens and Alex pursue criminal mastermind Ruffled Feathers up a Canadian mountain, where he hides among the guests at a remote ski lodge. Before the detectives can investigate, a blizzard traps everyone inside.

That’s when the accidents begin. A string of near-fatal incidents thins the crowd, one suspect at a time.

Can Mittens and Alex stop this mysterious attacker before he or she claims another victim? Is Ruffled Feathers involved? Or will he use this distraction to escape?

Kitten Companions

Fan-favorites Riley and Abby Kastle return to “help” Aunt Mittens solve the mystery…and cause a bit of their own chaos along the way. Meet them (and their two other sisters) for the first time in Collar Cases #2: Case of the Missing Monet.

Current Status


  • Manuscript
  • Edits
  • Audiobook
  • Devotional
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  • Interior illustrations

Book Progress

Case of the Stolen Scarab
Phase:Final Formatting
Power Pup vs. Tommy Trigger Finger
Phase:Final Formatting
Power Pup #2: Power Pup vs. Grillmaster
Phase:Final Formatting
Power Pup #3
Due:2 months ago
Series: Collar Cases, Book 3
Genres: Children's, Mystery
Publisher: Knotted Oak Press
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Paperback, ebook, audio
Length: Chapter book
Narrator: Trista Shaye
Illustrator: Sarah Johnson
ISBN: 9781939586179
List Price: 7.99
eBook Price: 3.99
Audiobook Price: 9.99
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