From Mickey Mouse shows to Disney classics to Marvel’s What If… series, animated TV shows and movies are a regular feature in my house. Likely, they’re a regular part of your life too.

This month, we have the tremendous opportunity to hear from Rachel Kimberly Hastings, a script animation coordinator working at Warner Brothers Animation. She’ll share details about her job, advice on how to get started in animation, and advise students on the skills they need to pursue this type of work.

Don’t miss this chance to hear the inside scoop from someone who works in an entertainment field that touches us all! We’ll be chatting on Instagram Live on Sunday, December 5th, 2021 at 3 pm.

Show Notes and Replay Link

Find the replay here on my IGTV.

Find Rachel Kimberly Hastings online at:

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Basic Interview Outline with Timestamps

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:02 How to Train Your Dragon and changed lives
  • 00:05 Preponderance of rejection
  • 00:06 Day in the life working on Wings of Fire!!!
  • 00:09 Summary of some basic positions on an animation production crew
  • 00:14 Positions for people breaking into animation
  • 00:18 Geographical requirements for animation work
  • 00:20 Storyteller
  • 00:23 How to develop your art skills (plus tools you might need)
  • 00:25 How to develop your writing skills
  • 00:31 Sherlock meets Dungeons & Dragons (and other middle grade shenanigans)
  • 00:33 Wand giveaway!
  • 00:35 Final comments