Board game designer and Game Hutch founder Joshua Hutchinson

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We’re talking with Joshua Hutchinson, creative talent behind The Game Hutch board games.

Josh is about to launch his flagship title, Galaxy Junkers, a family-friendly competitive board game that is part resource race, part bumper cars in space.

Galaxy Junkers is a 2-5 player sci-fi strategy game. With excellent replay value, this innovative game is fun for the whole family! Add a new swashbuckling spaceship adventure to your board game collection, and begin your quest to see who can survive the dangers of deep space.

You are galaxy junkers searching for valuable space artifacts from the ruins of an ancient space station. Unfortunately, the wormhole portal collapses, and your ship’s engines and power core are severely damaged. You are stranded in deep space. You must salvage the ancient space cubes, power crystals, and power core and use them to escape. Beware: other galaxy junkers are right behind!

Your objective? To win, collect the space cubes and power core indicated on your Ship Diagnostic card, and be the first player to reach the center of the wormhole. Or, you can win by destroying all opposing ships!

The Game Hutch

In the interview, Josh will share his journey of creating Galaxy Junkers and offer tips on how to create your own game.

This is a great session for any student passionate about blending creativity, mechanics, math, and gameplay. Josh is such a kind soul with a real passion for kids. (He’s a teacher in his day job!) There is no better man to offer inspiration and advice to your budding game designers.

Submit questions to me ahead of time by email ( or enter them live on the chat.

  • Josh is offering digital play-through sessions of Galaxy Junkers for interested players.
  • He will personally teach AND play the game with your students.
  • This would be a fantastic special activity for the whole family!

Join us Saturday, October 2nd 2021 @ 10 am EST on IG Live.

Show Notes and Replay Link

You can find the replay here on my IGTV.

You can find Galaxy Junkers online in the following places:

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Basic Interview Outline with Timestamps

  • 00:00: Introduction
  • 00:04: What is Galaxy Junkers?
  • 00:05: Overview of board game design process
  • 00:08: Importance of play-testing
  • 00:10: How to go from prototype to actual game
  • 00:17: Do’s and don’ts of board game design for people starting out
  • 00:22: How to balance mechanics
  • 00:26: How to connect with other game designers
  • 00:32: Costs involved in board game production
  • 00:40: Additional talent required
  • 00:43: Next steps for Galaxy Junkers
  • 00:47: Galaxy Junkers and families