Case of the Stolen Scarab

Case of the Stolen Scarab

History comes alive. Literally.

It’s been a rough week. Mittens and Alex return from their Ruffled Feathers adventure in Canada…only to lose the story to Mittens’ archnemesis, the unscrupulous Twerp reporter Rosa Puff. 

Nevertheless, they are thrilled when a friend announces the pinnacle discovery of his egyptology career. But on the night of his big reveal, a priceless artifact goes missing and an ancient curse is unleashed on Bowwow.

Can Mittens and Alex prove it’s all a hoax before his career is ruined? 

Or will he go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit?

About the Book

Release Date

Collar Cases #4: Case of the Stolen Scarab will be released Spring 2023.

Completed Stages

  • Outline
  • Rough draft
  • Submit to child beta readers
  • Revisions based on beta reader feedback
  • Submit to editor
  • Submit to devotional author
  • Revisions based on editor feedback
  • Submit to proofreader
  • Audiobook narration

Remaining Stages

  • Book covers
  • Interior illustrations
  • Final production
  • Quality control

Book Progress

Case of the Stolen Scarab
Phase:Final Formatting
Series: Collar Cases, Book 4
Genres: Children's, Mystery
Format: Paperback, ebook, audio
Length: Chapter book
Narrator: Trista Shaye
Illustrator: Sarah Johnson
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