Homeschool Resources

Welcome, fellow homeschoolers!

As I embark on my second-generation homeschooling adventure, this is where I’ll share my favorite finds or creations.

3 Categories

First, we have my career interview series, “Amanda Interviews…!” Every month, I connect your student to an interesting professional in a career, creative, or athletic outlet. You can find past interviews here. They’re even organized into “basic” and “advanced” so you can help your student tackle new tools at the appropriate time.

Second, I’ve gathered all of my top writing education resources and put them here. If you have a young writer blossoming in your household, these are the very tools that I used (or still use today!) to do what I do.

Lastly, I share the homeschool games and activities I’ve developed for my own children here. You’ll see all of these materials are for preschool age! That’s because my twins are just turning 3. I’ll develop this library slowly over time as we continue our own homeschool journey.

Share Your Ideas

I love to find and share great ideas, so if you have something you’d like to share, email me and I’ll post your resource here with credit to you!

Last Updated: December 2021