Power Pup
Power Pup vs. Tommy Trigger Finger

Power Pup vs. Tommy Trigger Finger

$13.00eBook: $3.00Audiobook: $5.00
Series: Collar Cases, Power Pup, Book 1
Genre: Children's

For investigative journalist Alex Digger, reporting truth and busting bad guys with best friend Mittens Meow is just an ordinary Monday.

Turns out, this Monday is anything but ordinary.

When an earthquake threatens the citizens of Bowwow, a superhero calling himself Power Pup swoops in to save the day!

But the town’s troubles don’t stop with the tremors. Ordinary citizens are breaking out in wild, angry, public outbursts. Local police are baffled. Businesses fear opening their doors.

Can Alex, Mittens, and Power Pup use their super teamwork to discover what’s going on and save the city from chaos?

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