Are These Books For You?

You deserve fiction that thrills your family in all the good ways but none of the bad!

My books will never contain explicit sexual content, graphic violence, or swearing. Beyond that, specific content varies depending on the intended age range of a given series.

You are the best judge of what is and is not okay for your family, so let’s compare notes:

My books are NOT a good fit if you…

  • Avoid all types of magic or superpowers.
  • Say no to fantasy/sci-fi weapons and mild violence (scenes with sword fights, laser guns, etc).
  • Do not want to see bad guys lie, hurt, steal, and generally demonstrate they have a faulty moral compass.
  • Want absolutely no romance on page.

My books ARE a good fit if you…

  • Dig a good fantasy fight if the violence is not gratuitous.
  • Can’t say no to a good mystery!
  • Love to watch two characters fall in love over time and start a committed relationship without compromising themselves.
  • Are okay with magic systems as escapist fun.
  • Want to laugh as much as you gasp or cry.
  • Like character-driven stories with a plot that flows from their personal arc.

Still not sure? Visit About for more information on who I am and why I write for you!

Last Updated: June 2021

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